Sunday, 3 October 2010

Poejazzi @ Soho Theatre Featuring Eska!

Where: Soho Theatre,
21 Dean Street
When: 17th October 2010
Doors Open: 7pm.
Show Starts: 7.15
Price: £8/£12

As Poejazzi's triumphant Year of the Poet season draws to a close, the magnificent Eska headlines a line-up of the UK's finest singers and lyricists. She is joined by fast-rising singer-songwriter TanyaAuclair, and the wonderful poetry of Hollie Mcnish, John Osborne, Robert Auton and 2009 Roundhouse Slam Champion Jodi Ann Bickley. The evening will be hosted by poet Inua Ellams (Edinburgh Fringe First, The National) whose new play, "Untitled", is also showing at Soho Theatre.

Showtime is 7:15pm, with doors at 7:00pm. Tickets are £8 online, £12 on the door which you can buy here:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Comics List: Part 4: Horror and Humor

The Final List of Comics on Sale THIS SUNDAY!

Again, for those outside the know:

1. All of the comics will be £5 or less.
2. Entry to the event is FREE
3. There will be Spoken word From Niall O Sullivan, Musa Okwonga and James Wheale.
4. There will be music from Jono Mccleery, Kim Leng Hills and DJ Sidious Mercurito.
5. It start at 7pm.

6. The Event shall be happening at:
Last days of Decadence
144 to 145 Shoreditch High Street

Humor Comic Strips
Pardon My Planet
Slop Anthology
Keith Knight:
Are We Felling Safer Yet
Passion of the Keef
Dances with Sheep
This is Your First Rock Garden, isn't it?

Jeremy And Mom
Growth Spurt
Are we out of the driveway yet?

Screw Heaven, When I die I want to go to Mars.

Horror comics
Mike Carey's Lucifer-
Devil in the gateway

Unwritten (Mike Carey)

Silent Hill-
Dying Inside

Hell House (richard Mateson, of 'I am Legend,' Fame)

Destiny: (Sandman)

The Walking Dead Vol 1

Girls Vol 4

Hell Blazer (Garth Ennis)

Book of Witchcraft

Mike Mignola
Hellboy-weird Tales


Frank Millar
Sin City:
Booze Broads and Bullets
A Dame to kill For


And That's it!


We are giving away THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF TRANSMETROPOLITAN (worth £100. I have checked.)
away to the best answer to the following Question:

If you choose between flight and invisibilty, which would you choose, and why?

Send to or before 12 noon on the nineteenth. The best answer gets it.

See you sunday!See you Sunday 7pm!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Comics List Part 3: Indies and Miscellaneous


Comics that aren't part of DC and marvel lineup, and aren't neccessarily about all about superheroes.

And in case you didn't get there from our other memoes... these, many more comics, will be on sale

@Last Days of Decadence
144 Shoreditch High Street
19 Sept
About 7pm
Entry is Free!

And now for the listings!

Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl (Brian Michael Bendis)

Overkill: Alien Vs Predator Versus Darkness Versus Witchblade

Migra Mouse: Political Cartoons On Mexican Immigration

Hellspawn: Ashley Wood Collection

Antoine Sharpe: The Athiest

The Matrix: Volume Two


The Vesuvius Club (Gay James Bond. Better than description)

The Road to Perdition

Terminator: Rewired

Y The Last Man: (All the men are dead. Much more cleverer than the concept)



Kimono Dragons

Paper Dolls

Ring of Truth

Scapled: (Native American Noir)

Indian Country

Gravel In Cuts

Dead Mothers

Casino Boogie

High Lonesome

100 Bullets (Espionage Drama)

Hang Up

Six Feet Under The Gun

Counterfieth Detective

Books by Warren Ellis:




The Entire Transmetropolian Series (imagine Hunter S Thompson as a political Journalist in a dystopian Capitalist Future)

Desolation Jones

Neil Gaiman

Black Orchid (1 X 2 X 3)

Mr Punch

Mark Millar

Kick Ass (Better Than the Movie)

Wanted (See Above)

Other Garth Ennis:

War Crimes Vol 1

Bloody Mary

Hitman- Vol 1 and 2

Crossed Vol 1

The Pro

Chronicles of Wormwood

Alan Moore


League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2 and 1910

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Comic Sale, Part two:Marvel Comics

And here is where I show you all of the Marvel Comic imprints that will be on sale on the night:

Thor: Loki
House Of M

Punisher: (we will be selling a lot of Punisher)
Garth Ennis MAX run:
From First to Last
Valley Forge
Man of Stone
Presents Barracuda
Garth Ennis Knights Run
Army of one
Resurrection of Ma
Business as Usual

Welcome Back, Frank

Kitchen Irish

Long Cold Dark


Widow Maker

Up And Down and Black is White

Mother Russia

By another writer:

Punisher Six Hours to Kill

Secret Invasion (Brian Micheal Bendis)

Ghost Rider (Garth Ennis)

Trail of Tears

Road to Damnnation

Ulimate Vision

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

Cable And Deadpool


Complete Apocalypse Vol 1


-And Deadpool

-The Draft

-Days of Future Now

The Ultimates: (Mark Millar)

Vol 1 (1 and 2)

Vol 2 (1 and 2

Soon we will post up Alan Moores, Neil Gaimans, Humor Strips and Horror comics. Stay Reading!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010



I'm going to assume you came here from one of the many event invites posted around about our forthcoming event on the 19th of Sept, at Last Days. And I'm also going to assume you came here because you want to see which comics will be available for sale on the night.

Boom Boom, that's a lot of assumptions for one blog, and if wrong, you have my deepest. DEEPEST apologies. Everyone else; this is the first list, of all Batman comics available on the night. Prices will reach from £1-£5 tops, and £8 for Any two £5. Full lists (wait til you see just how many Punishers will be available on the night)

Hush One and Two (Jim Lee)
The Dark Knight Strikes Again (Frank Millar)
Batman: Demon
Castle of the Bat
Batman: dracula
Kingdom Come (Alex Ross)
Killing Joke (Alan Moore)
Arkham Asylum (Neil Gaiman)
Arkham Asylum Part 2
The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Millar)
Batman: Venom
Batman: Year One (Frank Millar)

Part Two Coming Tomorrow!


To Poejazzi's official blogpage. Woohoo. Clever wording. Extravangant phrasing. Poetry and Music. Sometimes together.

Yes; it has taken us ages to bother doing this.

, it isn't going to disappear after a month.

Yes, this is a work in process, so please ignore the virtual scaffolding and focus on the good stuff; you know, the content.

Here we will post poetry, videos, interviews, of not only performers we've had, but ones we love and haven't yet had at poejazzi because we couldn't afford the damn ticket/Customs office are evil, and the one who may have boarded the supertrain to the afterlife station but are still really good and you should know about them.

Whilst hopefully being brief. Yay.