Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Comic Sale, Part two:Marvel Comics

And here is where I show you all of the Marvel Comic imprints that will be on sale on the night:

Thor: Loki
House Of M

Punisher: (we will be selling a lot of Punisher)
Garth Ennis MAX run:
From First to Last
Valley Forge
Man of Stone
Presents Barracuda
Garth Ennis Knights Run
Army of one
Resurrection of Ma
Business as Usual

Welcome Back, Frank

Kitchen Irish

Long Cold Dark


Widow Maker

Up And Down and Black is White

Mother Russia

By another writer:

Punisher Six Hours to Kill

Secret Invasion (Brian Micheal Bendis)

Ghost Rider (Garth Ennis)

Trail of Tears

Road to Damnnation

Ulimate Vision

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

Cable And Deadpool


Complete Apocalypse Vol 1


-And Deadpool

-The Draft

-Days of Future Now

The Ultimates: (Mark Millar)

Vol 1 (1 and 2)

Vol 2 (1 and 2

Soon we will post up Alan Moores, Neil Gaimans, Humor Strips and Horror comics. Stay Reading!

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