Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Comics List: Part 4: Horror and Humor

The Final List of Comics on Sale THIS SUNDAY!

Again, for those outside the know:

1. All of the comics will be £5 or less.
2. Entry to the event is FREE
3. There will be Spoken word From Niall O Sullivan, Musa Okwonga and James Wheale.
4. There will be music from Jono Mccleery, Kim Leng Hills and DJ Sidious Mercurito.
5. It start at 7pm.

6. The Event shall be happening at:
Last days of Decadence
144 to 145 Shoreditch High Street

Humor Comic Strips
Pardon My Planet
Slop Anthology
Keith Knight:
Are We Felling Safer Yet
Passion of the Keef
Dances with Sheep
This is Your First Rock Garden, isn't it?

Jeremy And Mom
Growth Spurt
Are we out of the driveway yet?

Screw Heaven, When I die I want to go to Mars.

Horror comics
Mike Carey's Lucifer-
Devil in the gateway

Unwritten (Mike Carey)

Silent Hill-
Dying Inside

Hell House (richard Mateson, of 'I am Legend,' Fame)

Destiny: (Sandman)

The Walking Dead Vol 1

Girls Vol 4

Hell Blazer (Garth Ennis)

Book of Witchcraft

Mike Mignola
Hellboy-weird Tales


Frank Millar
Sin City:
Booze Broads and Bullets
A Dame to kill For


And That's it!


We are giving away THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF TRANSMETROPOLITAN (worth £100. I have checked.)
away to the best answer to the following Question:

If you choose between flight and invisibilty, which would you choose, and why?

Send to lordgokal@hotmail.com or musa.okwonga@gmail.com before 12 noon on the nineteenth. The best answer gets it.

See you sunday!See you Sunday 7pm!

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