Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Comics List Part 3: Indies and Miscellaneous


Comics that aren't part of DC and marvel lineup, and aren't neccessarily about all about superheroes.

And in case you didn't get there from our other memoes... these, many more comics, will be on sale

@Last Days of Decadence
144 Shoreditch High Street
19 Sept
About 7pm
Entry is Free!

And now for the listings!

Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl (Brian Michael Bendis)

Overkill: Alien Vs Predator Versus Darkness Versus Witchblade

Migra Mouse: Political Cartoons On Mexican Immigration

Hellspawn: Ashley Wood Collection

Antoine Sharpe: The Athiest

The Matrix: Volume Two


The Vesuvius Club (Gay James Bond. Better than description)

The Road to Perdition

Terminator: Rewired

Y The Last Man: (All the men are dead. Much more cleverer than the concept)



Kimono Dragons

Paper Dolls

Ring of Truth

Scapled: (Native American Noir)

Indian Country

Gravel In Cuts

Dead Mothers

Casino Boogie

High Lonesome

100 Bullets (Espionage Drama)

Hang Up

Six Feet Under The Gun

Counterfieth Detective

Books by Warren Ellis:




The Entire Transmetropolian Series (imagine Hunter S Thompson as a political Journalist in a dystopian Capitalist Future)

Desolation Jones

Neil Gaiman

Black Orchid (1 X 2 X 3)

Mr Punch

Mark Millar

Kick Ass (Better Than the Movie)

Wanted (See Above)

Other Garth Ennis:

War Crimes Vol 1

Bloody Mary

Hitman- Vol 1 and 2

Crossed Vol 1

The Pro

Chronicles of Wormwood

Alan Moore


League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2 and 1910

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